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Peruvian Apple Cactus

Peruvian Apple Cactus
Photo: Craig Hunter
Invasive Plant
Peruvian Apple Cactus
Cereus hildmannianus subsp uruguayanus

This tall growing cactus from South America can reach up to 5 metres in height. It has thick grey green column like stems, branching from the base and stiff dark grey spines. In summer, it bears large white flowers with reddish brown colouring on the outside, followed by yellow fruits.



  • This plant easily regenerates from seed, which is plentiful on established plants.
  • Be careful how branches and off-cuts of this plant are disposed of in dumped garden waste.
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Other superior selections include;

  • Xanthorrhoea johnsonii - Grass Tree

Ask your local retailer for more superior selections


Alternative Plants

Grass Tree
Photo: immij floramedia
Alternative Plant Grass Tree
Xanthorrhoea australis
Trees and Shrubs

This is a robust and hardy clumping plant that initially grows 1-1.5 metre in height before finally starting to extend above a thick trunk. It is slow growing but incredibly resilient. It has narrow grey-green grass like leaves that arch out from a central base. After many years a flower spike emerges with sweet smelling cream-white flowers. Ensure you source this plant from reputable suppliers as it is a protected plant in many jurisdictions.

Gymea Lily, Spear Lily
Photo: immij floramedia
Alternative Plant Gymea Lily, Spear Lily
Doryanthes excelsa
Trees and Shrubs

Australian native perennial lily with rosettes of large swordshaped 1 to 2 m long mid-green leaves. In spring and summer they have spectacular large, compact heads of nectar-filled, blood-red flowers atop tall, thick stems to 5 m high. A very hardy garden plant for most climates. Grows best in full-sun to partshade. The flowers and leaves are both highly sought after for flower arranging.

Spineless Agave
Photo: immij floramedia
Alternative Plant Spineless Agave
Agave attenuata
Succulent Plants

This spineless Agave has a thick stem and can reach 1.5m in height. A rosette of thick yet softly textured blue green leaves forms at the crown. Small 'pups' develop to the side of established stems allowing the plant to form thick clumps. This vegetative spread makes them somewhat easier to manage.

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