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Caring For Our Country The Grow Me Instead website has been supported by NGIQ through funding from the Australian Governments Caring for our Country.
Nursery & Garden Industry Special thanks go to Queensland Grow Me Instead project coordinator Barry Naylor (NGIQ) and project manager John McDonald (Nursery Industry Development Manager NGIQ) for the development of this website.


Grow Me Instead

Grow Me Instead (GMI) is an initiative of the Nursery & Garden Industry Australia (NGIA) promoting a positive change in the attitude of both industry and consumers toward invasive plants. Originally starting in NSW as 'Discovering Alternatives to Garden Escapes' the Grow Me Instead program now covers the whole of Australia. Funding from the Australian Government has enabled the publication of Grow Me Instead guides for each state and territory.

The various Grow Me Instead projects have identified 27 invasive urban plants in each Australian state and territory along with a range of suggested superior alternatives. Due to its size and diverse climate, the Queensland project identified 30 invasive plants in each of three bioregions, Sub Tropics, Dry Tropics and Wet Tropics. The Queensland project included funding for the establishment of a national GMI website, which integrates the information from previous GMI projects into a single web site.

The invasive plant lists are not definitive for each state, territory or bioregion, there are many other plants being monitored for their invasive potential. Industry and consumers are encouraged to seek professional advice and to make the most informed plant choice possible.

Use the map to identify your state or territory and follow the prompts for both the invasive plants and their recommended non invasive alternative.


Grow Me Instead