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Bluebell Creeper

Bluebell Creeper
Photo: Immij
Invasive Plant
Bluebell Creeper
Billardiera heterophylla

Formerly known as Sollya heterophylla. A vigorous, evergreen, West Australian native plant growing to a height of 4 m. It may be a dense shrub or a climbing plant. Dainty drooping clusters of blue or white flowers are mainly carried in spring and summer, producing fleshy, green cylindrical berries that darken with age.



  • This species produces copious amounts of seeds which are eaten by birds and foxes and spread in their droppings. It can smother native ground covers and shrubs and can invade adjoining bushland.
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Another suggested alternative: sweet apple-berry (Billardiera cymosa)


Alternative Plants

Edna Walling Blue Bells ™
Photo: Austraflora
Alternative Plant Edna Walling Blue Bells ™
Billardiera heterophylla x parviflora
Climbing and Ground Cover Plants

This sterile form of the popular Bluebell creeper is a small dense shrub that will twine along posts or walls. It has small blue flowers in summer and thrives in full-sun or light shade in freely draining soils. Ideal for containers, this form cannot set fertile seed so is a safe alternative.

Native Sarsaparilla
Photo: © immij pty ltd
Alternative Plant Native Sarsaparilla
Hardenbergia violacea 'Happy Wanderer'
Climbing and Ground Cover Plants

This is a vigorous, popular and generally hardy Australian native plant that grows to about 1 m high by 1 m wide. The pea shape flowers appear in late winter and early spring and are violet in colour. It can be used as a ground cover and will climb on a support. It prefers an open sunny position. Pink and white flowering cultivars are also available.

Native Wisteria
Photo: Macbird Floraprint
Alternative Plant Native Wisteria
Hardenbergia comptoniana
Climbing and Ground Cover Plants

A hardy, vigorous, evergreen, native climber that produces profuse small, pea shape flowers in July, August and September. Flowers tend to be purple, however lilac-pink and white varieties are also available. Great for training over fences and suitable in semi-shaded positions.

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