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Butterfly bush

Butterfly bush
Photo: Lorna Rose
Invasive Plant
Butterfly bush
Buddleia davidii

Who would think that this plant with its delightful name would become an environmental weed?

Arching stems carry sprays of tiny gold throated, mauve flowers in spring and summer and is attractive to butterflies.

It was also very popular as a quick growing privacy plant, however there are now many better, non invasive alternatives.



  • Seeds are spread by wind and water.
  • Dumping of garden prunings that may easily take root.
  • This plant grows readily in damp areas to create shady thickets crowding out natural species and destroying habitat.

Remove these plants from gardens and choose superior species from others that will prove more environmentally friendly while at the same time still attracting butterflies

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Alternative Plants

Buddleia 'Spring Promise'
Alternative Plant Buddleia 'Spring Promise'

Trees and Shrubs

Buddleias are usually summer flowering shrubs and a bit too vigorous for the average garden, however, here is a smaller one which flowers from the middle of winter through to spring. With masses of long slender stems of white flowers with a delicious fragrance. It can be grown in full sun or part shade, grows quickly and will tolerate quite dry conditions when established. A non invasive hybrid.

Buddleia 'Wattle Bird'
Alternative Plant Buddleia 'Wattle Bird'

Trees and Shrubs

This deciduous Buddleia is a shrub growing to 2m wide by 3m high. It is a relatively recent introduction and is an Australian-raised variety.

It bears elongated spikes of yellow flowers, in late summerautumn and is also Butterfly attracting.

Photo: Lorna Rose
Alternative Plant Lasiandra
Tibouchina urvilleana 'Alstonville'
Trees and Shrubs

A sturdy evergreen shrub to 6m high by 4m wide, with large showy, Purple-violet flowers in autumn. An ideal feature plant or use as a colourful hedge.

There are numerous selected varieties available which offer variable flower colour and heights. Ask at your local garden centre for the best local varieties.

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