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Carrion Plant

Carrion Plant
Photo: Craig Hunter
Invasive Plant
Carrion Plant
Stapelia gigantea

This low growing perennial succulent from southern Africa rarely grows much more than 20cm high. The botanic name of 'Gigantea' refers to the huge flowers which can get to 30cm in size. It is often grown for this novelty value.



  • Small pieces of the plant will easily root in the warmer months so appropriate disposal of garden waste is important
  • The plant also produces viable seed and the plant often appears as a dense cluster of short stubs
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Other superior selections include;

  • Crinum flaccidum - Darling Lily
  • Eremophila 'Yanna Road' - Emu Bush

Ask your local retailer for more superior selections


Alternative Plants

Bird Of Paradise
Photo: immij floramedia
Alternative Plant Bird Of Paradise
Strelitzia reginae
Trees and Shrubs

Glossy grey green paddle shaped foliage forming a dense clump 1.5m x 1.5m. Spectacular orange and blue flowers shaped like a birds head form on erect stems in warmer months. It is worth trying to obtain Strelitzia juncea for its rush like cylindrical foliage emerging without a leaf blade.

Coastal Pig Face
Photo: Sustainable Landscapes Project
Alternative Plant Coastal Pig Face
Carpobrotus glaucescens
Succulent Plants

Common on coastal dunes, this prostrate plant which spreads to 2 m has thick, succulent leaves up to 10 cm long. The flowers are daisy-like and usually have mauve to purple petals and white centre. The fruits and leaves are edible. It is an attractive plant for a well-drained soil in full to partial sun. It is well suited to exposed, coastal locations.

Pig Face
Photo: immij floramedia
Alternative Plant Pig Face
Lampranthus species
Climbing and Ground Cover Plants

A spectacular array of flower colours including vivid orange, yellow, pink and red cover this hardy succulent plant in the warmer months. It has a variable growth habit, from small rounded shrubs to creeping ground covers.

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