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Photo: Delwyn Thomas
Invasive Plant
Cotoneaster species

This group of hardy, fast growing, perennial, woody shrubs will grow 2 to 5m tall. Some varieties are deciduous. They vary from medium to large shrubs.

The flowers are small and white and appear in spring and summer. The flowers are followed by clusters of conspicuous orange to red berries that resemble minute apples.

Cotoneasters were previously used as hedges and were commonly planted because the large crops of decorative berries hang on to the branches for months through winter and provided colour when flowers are scarce.



  • The seeds of this fruit are spread into bushland by fruit eating birds and will grow virtually anywhere a bird drops the seeds.

Pyracantha and Cotoneaster species are often confused with each other. Cotoneaster species are similar but lack thorns.

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Alternative Plants

Crepe Myrtle
Photo: Macbird Floraprint
Alternative Plant Crepe Myrtle
Lagerstroemia indica
Trees and Shrubs

A small tree, perfect for suburban gardens or as a stunning street tree. In summer it produces vibrant red, pink, white or lilac flowers which have a texture like crepe fabric. The flowering period lasts for up to three months. The autumn leaves colour brilliantly and the tree also has beautiful bark.

Flowering Crabapple
Photo: Fleming's Nurseries
Alternative Plant Flowering Crabapple
Malus species
Berried Plants

Very pretty, highly ornamental and deciduous trees grown for beautiful Spring blossom and their showy crimson-red crab apples, the ripe fruit lasts well, adorning the tree from Autumn into early Winter.

Visit for excellent cultural information on the many old and new selected forms.

Photo: Macbird Floraprint
Alternative Plant Photinia
Photinia glabra rubens
Trees and Shrubs

With similar growth habits to the Photinia robusta, Photinia glabra rubens offers a finer leaf ideal for medium hedges. The new foliage shoots are bright crimson, fading to green. It is a very hardy and an excellent screening plant where it can grow to 4m tall. Best kept as a trimmed hedge at your desired height.

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