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Creeping Lantana

Creeping Lantana
Photo: Macbird Floraprint
Invasive Plant
Creeping Lantana
Lantana montevidensis (Syn. L. sellowiana)

An evergreen trailing shrub with dark green foliage that is roughly toothed. It produces dense clusters of small, rosymauve/ lilac flowers, each with a bright yellow throat. Flowers are slightly fragrant and carried throughout the year. There is also a white form 'Alba'.



  • After flowering, berries are produced, which are particularly attractive to birds. Spread into bushland is predominantly by seed but indiscriminate dumping of prunings also contributes.
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Alternative Plants

Canavalia, Beach Bean
Photo: Colin Wilson
Alternative Plant Canavalia, Beach Bean
Canavalia rosea
Climbing and Ground Cover Plants

Widespread throughout the tropics, this creeping shoreline perennial is often used in dune stabilisation programs. Its leaves, which have a semisucculent appearance, are threelobed - the leaflets fold up in the hot sun. It has purple-pink peashaped flowers that are borne on upright stems throughout the summer months. Hardy and adaptable, it will grow and flower well in garden situations.

Dwarf Allamanda, Dwarf Yellow Allamanda
Photo: Tim West
Alternative Plant Dwarf Allamanda, Dwarf Yellow Allamanda
Allamanda cathartica 'Sunee'
Trees and Shrubs

'Sunee' is a particularly handsome variety of Golden Trumpet, a vigorous climber with glossy bright green, leathery leaves. Unlike the true species, 'Sunee' is more shrublike but will still climb if given the opportunity. It produces brilliant yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers up to 14 cm across throughout summer.

Mt Brockman Grevillea
Photo: © immij pty ltd
Alternative Plant Mt Brockman Grevillea
Grevillea formosa
Trees and Shrubs

Occurring naturally in the Kakadu National Park area of the NT, this species and its varietal forms ('Golden Lyre' among them), are frost tender. It thrives in warmer, coastal locations and prefers a welldrained soil, although it does require regular watering until well established. 'Golden Lyre' is a spectacular golden-flowered form - there are very few true yellow grevilleas, so this is one to look out for. Like all grevilleas, Grevillea formosa and its hybrids are nectar-producing so will attract birds and butterflies to the garden.

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