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Photo: Delwyn Thomas
Invasive Plant
Pyracantha species

Vigorous evergreen shrubs to 4 m high that produce prolific clusters of white flowers followed by red, orange or yellow berries. These species were commonly planted as hedges. Pyracantha and Cotoneaster species are often confused with each other. Cotoneaster species are similar but lack thorns.

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Alternative Plants

Photo: © immij pty ltd
Alternative Plant Bottlebrush
Callistemon 'Kings Park Special'
Trees and Shrubs

A small bushy Australian native tree to 5 m high with attractive weeping branches and grey-green leaves. Deep red bottlebrush flowers are grouped together in bunches and produce a spectacular display. There are many other Bottle Brushes to choose from which produce bright red flowers and attract and feed native honeyeaters. Ask at your local garden centre for the best cultivars for your garden.

Flowering Crab Apples
Photo: Macbird Floraprint
Alternative Plant Flowering Crab Apples
Malus hybrids and cultivars
Berried Plants

Decorative, deciduous, highly ornamental, medium size trees grown for their prolific spring blossom and persistent, showy red crab apples in autumn and winter. Colours range from white to deep cerise and reddish-purple. They are often used as feature trees, in avenue plantings and provide wonderful summer shade.

Pin Cushion Hakea
Photo: Macbird Floraprint
Alternative Plant Pin Cushion Hakea
Hakea laurina
Trees and Shrubs

An upright shrub or small tree to 5 m high with a compact, rounded head and flowers freely each year on the well-ripened wood. The rounded pin-cushion flower heads are soft cardinal or cherry red, with projecting long styles, white to pale pink on aging. They are lightly perfumed and attractive to bees and nectar feeding birds and insects. Grows in a range of environments but prefers drier soils and good sunlight.

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