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Photo: Ramm Botanicals
Invasive Plant
Gazania all species 

A favourite of gardeners living in coastal areas because of their bright, sunny, daisy style flowers and their ability to withstand coastal conditions. Older varieties are considered very invasive, particularly in residential areas near coastal and mallee environments where they will spread along roadsides from seeds blown by wind and dumped garden waste, displacing native ground flora.

Please note:

It is safe to grow the new sterile Gazania cultivars listed below. They have been specially bred as non-invasive and drought tolerant with improved growth habit, foliage, flower colours and size without viable seed set.  Look for these new improved sterile varieties of Gazania at your local garden centre.

Double Gold TM

Montezuma TM

Sunset Jane TM



  • Deliberate planting on roadsides and foreshores.
  • Produces abundant seeds that are spread by wind.
  • Dumping of garden waste.
  • Some forms also spread by runners particularly in sand.

Avoid any seed grown plants specifically Gazania linearis and Gazania rigens.

Grow Me Instead

Additional suggested alternatives: round-leafed pig face (Disphyma crassifolium), ruby saltbush (Enchylaena tomentosa), pigface (Carpobrotus rossii)


Alternative Plants

Creeping Saltbush
Photo: Bushland Flora
Alternative Plant Creeping Saltbush
Rhagodia spinescens
Climbing and Ground Cover Plants

Prostrate forms of this South Australian native provide a low, blue-grey foliage contrast for gardens in a similar manner to some Gazanias. It grows 0.2–0.3 m high by 1–1.2 m wide. The flowers and fruits are insignificant. Tolerates frost, drought and coastal conditions.

Cut Leaf Daisy
Photo: © immij pty ltd
Alternative Plant Cut Leaf Daisy
Brachyscome multifida and cultivars
Climbing and Ground Cover Plants

These delightful Australian perennials come in a range of colours such as yellow, pink, mauve, pale and deep blue as well as a range of compact cultivars flowering from late winter to autumn. These daisy plants, with their delicate flowers and soft feathery foliage, are surprisingly hardy and are an excellent addition to a waterwise garden. Thrive in full-sun and will tolerate frost.

Fan Flower
Photos: Ramm Botanicals
Alternative Plant Fan Flower
Scaevola species and cultivars
Climbing and Ground Cover Plants

An Australian native ground cover with prolific flowering of mauve, purple or white fan shaped flowers from mid-winter onwards. Most species require good drainage and thrive in full-sun. A fast-growing, dense ground cover, it grows 0.2–0.3 m high by 1.5–2 m wide.

Ruby Saltbush
Photo: Sustainable Landscapes Project
Alternative Plant Ruby Saltbush
Enchylaena tomentosa
Climbing and Ground Cover Plants

Native to South Australia, this low-growing shrub will grow to 1 m high by up to 2 m wide. It is a fast-growing, very hardy grey– leaved succulent that readily self seeds. It produces edible yellow or red berries and is frost hardy.

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