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Golden Wreath Wattle

Golden Wreath Wattle
Photo: Fagg, M - ANBG
Invasive Plant
Golden Wreath Wattle
Acacia saligna

This Western Australian native medium-sized shrub grows to 10 m high by 6 m. It is fast-growing and was widely used in parks, revegetation and for erosion control. Pendulous branches are often blue-grey in colour when young. Bright yellow to orange flowerheads borne profusely in late winter –early summer develop into smooth brown pods.



  • Produces masses of seed pods that ripen on the tree and disperse with the help of birds, ants and small native mammals.
  • It regenerates well both from seed and suckers, enabling it to spread rapidly.

Various non-indigenous wattle species have naturalised parts of SA roadsides and bushland.  Weedy species include: Cootamundra wattle & Sallow, Sydney wattle.

Other wattles to avoid growing are red-eyed wattle (A. cyclops) and Flinders Ranges Wattle (A. iteaphylla)

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Alternative Plants

Golden Wattle
Photo: © immij pty ltd
Alternative Plant Golden Wattle
Acacia pycnantha
Trees and Shrubs

A small to medium height, upright evergreen tree with large foliage and strongly scented golden ball-shaped flowers from August to October.   A gland at the base of the leaf-stem provides food for nectar-eating birds.  It grows well in full sun to part shade on most soil types if good drainage is available. This tree can grow quickly once it is established and will be ideal for screening fences, sheds or just quick shade.

Mallee Golden Wattle, Flinders Wattle
Alternative Plant Mallee Golden Wattle, Flinders Wattle
Acacia notabilis
Trees and Shrubs

This South Australian wattle grows 3–6 m high by 3–7 m wide. It has a shrubby habit and develops golden-yellow flowers in winter and early spring. It will tolerate clay, sandy and alkaline (lime) soils and is frost and drought tolerant. Plant in full-sun to semi-shade and prune to shape if necessary. Bird attracting.

Sea Urchin Hakea
Photo: Macbird Floraprint
Alternative Plant Sea Urchin Hakea
Hakea petiolaris
Trees and Shrubs

This is an erect shrub to small tree reaching 2–9 metres in height. It has attractive, pale grey-green leaves 3–6 cm long. Spectacular pink and cream globe-shaped flower clusters appear in late autumn and early winter, and resemble a sea urchin in appearance.

Wirilda, Swamp Wattle
Photo: Bill Leithhead
Alternative Plant Wirilda, Swamp Wattle
Acacia retinodes
Trees and Shrubs

A tall, hardy shrub or small tree growing to 8 m in height. This SA native thrives in poorly drained soils in a sunny position. Globular yellow-lemon flowers appear from December to January.

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