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Grandpa David(Own work)[CC BY 3.0 (],viaWikimedia Commons
Invasive Plant
Crataegus monogyna* and C. sinaica

Hawthorns are large deciduous shrubs or small trees to 10m tall, with deeply lobed wedge shaped leaves to 4cm long.  The flowers are 1cm across and white or slightly pink with many red stamens, and sit in clusters of 5-25.  They are followed by shiny, red, berry-like fruits (haws) about 1cm long ripening to red.



Birds eat the haws and disperse the seeds in their droppings, allowing hawthorns to spread into native vegetation.

Grow Me Instead

Additional suggested alternatives: sweet bursaria (Bursaria spinosa), large grevillea cultivars (eg. 'Honey Pots'), red leaf photinea (Photinia x fraseri 'Robusta'), purple hop bush (Dodonea viscosa purpurea), abelia (Abelia grandiflora)


Alternative Plants

Photo: © immij pty ltd
Alternative Plant Bottlebrush
Callistemon 'Kings Park Special'
Trees and Shrubs

A small bushy Australian native tree to 5 m high with attractive weeping branches and grey-green leaves. Deep red bottlebrush flowers are grouped together in bunches and produce a spectacular display. There are many other Bottle Brushes to choose from which produce bright red flowers and attract and feed native honeyeaters. Ask at your local garden centre for the best cultivars for your garden.

Flowering Crab Apples
Photo: Fleming's Nurseries
Alternative Plant Flowering Crab Apples
Malus hybrids and cultivars
Trees and Shrubs

Decorative, deciduous, highly ornamental, medium size trees grown for their prolific spring blossom and persistent, showy red crab apples in autumn and winter. Flower colours range from white to deep cerise and reddish-purple. They are often used as feature trees, in avenue plantings and provide wonderful summer shade.

Sasanqua Camellias
Photo: Lorna Rose
Alternative Plant Sasanqua Camellias
Camellia sasanqua and cultivars
Trees and Shrubs

These hardy, evergreen shrubs are available in a wide range of heights, colours and forms. Single and double blooms in light to deep pinks, white, red and many bi-colours are available. Choose from sun hardy or shade tolerant varieties. They are frost and drought tolerant once established and are suitable as a container, hedging or specimen plant. Seek advice at your garden centre for the best Camellias for your garden.

Grow Me Instead