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Photo: PIRSA
Invasive Plant
Equisetum species

This perennial is sometimes planted around ponds but becomes almost impossible to remove due to its deep creeping roots. The erect, ribbed green shoots grow 10 to 100 cm tall with spore-bearing cones at the tips. Some species have fine branches giving a feathery appearance, others resemble Casuarina shoots emerging directly from the soil. Horsetails can invade wetlands, arable land and pastures where they are toxic to livestock. 



They are not found wild in SA and would only spread by deliberate planting or dumping in garden waste.

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Alternative Plants

Chinese water chestnut
Photo: Tupelo Grove Nursery
Alternative Plant Chinese water chestnut
Eleocharis dulcis
Aquatic Plants
Chinese water chestnut is a grass-like sedge grown in many countries for its edible corms t is an aquatic vegetable that grows in water margins and bogs. It has stem-like, tubular green leaves that grow 50cm to 1.5m tall.  The plant spreads by a creeping rhizome which, through the summer months, produces additional sucker plants.
Spiny flat-sedge
Photo: Gondwana Landscapes & Consultancy and State Flora
Alternative Plant Spiny flat-sedge
Cyperus vaginatus
Aquatic Plants
An attractive Australian native sedge forming a clump 500cm to 1m wide with upright stems to 1m high and bright green leaves. Favouring a damp position but will withstand periods of drought in dappled light to full sun. Will tolerate inundation with water.
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