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Mother of Millions

Mother of Millions
Photo: Delwyn Thomas
Invasive Plant
Mother of Millions
Bryophyllum delagoense

A perennial herb that grows about 1 m high. Its leaves are succulent, notched near the tips and up to 15 cm in length. Its drooping, tubular flowers are orange-red to scarlet, produced in a flat-topped cluster and appear mainly from winter into spring. Its fruits contain many seeds.



  • Seeds are dispersed by birds. It may also spread by plantlets produced in notches on the margin of the cylindrical leaves. It is a common roadside escapee in northern NSW and Qld and has the potential to become weedy in Central Australia.
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Alternative Plants

Broad Leaved Parakeelya
Photo: Colin Wilson
Alternative Plant Broad Leaved Parakeelya
Calandrinia balonensis
Succulent Plants

An Australian member of the portulaca family, it is a prostrate to erect, succulent perennial herb. Its flowering stems, usually leafy towards the base, may be up to 0.6 m long, while the flowers are bright pink with yellow centres. To grow and flower well it requires a hot, sunny situation. It thrives in poor sandy soil but also does well in garden situations with improved soils. It is frost and drought tolerant.

Photo: Sustainable Landscapes Project
Alternative Plant Pigface
Carpobrotus glaucescens
Succulent Plants

A prostrate, creeping succulent occurring naturally in sand dunes along the NSW and Qld coasts. It has long trailing stems, which root at nodes along the stems. From these, upright leafy branches appear. It has thick, fleshy, smooth leaves, triangular in cross-section and it forms a ground cover that can extend over a large area. Its flowers are large, striking, deep pink-purple and daisy-like and appear from October to January, however it can also sporadically flower throughout the year. Pigface prefers a well-drained position in either full-sun or part-shade and is extremely drought tolerant.

Prickly/Bristly Sea Heath
Photo: Gary Dinham
Alternative Plant Prickly/Bristly Sea Heath
Frankenia serpyllifolia
Trees and Shrubs

An attractive, grey-leaved plant occurring naturally in Central Australia to 0.3 m by 0.4 m wide. It is an ideal rockery subject but also does well in the open garden. It produces masses of pink flowers throughout the year. Tolerant of frosts, it is quite hardy and also appears to flourish in quite salty soils.

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