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Parrot Feather

Parrot Feather
Photo: Terry Inkson
Invasive Plant
Parrot Feather
Myriophyllum aquaticum

A feathery leaved perennial aquatic plant with stems that grow up to 2 m in length. The tips of the stems frequently protrude from the water up to 30 cm. Seeds are infertile in Australia due to only female plants being recorded here. However, Parrot Feather reproduces by fragments breaking from the parent plant and moved by water currents. This species may also occur in home aquaria and ponds as the plant was once sold as an attractive fish tank plant. This aquatic plant is capable of choking water ways, dangerously excluding all other flora and fauna.


Please note: Do not dump aquatic plants into waterways as theymay become invasive.

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All species are recommended for attracting frogs into the garden.


Alternative Plants

Common Nardoo
Photo: Oz Water Gardens
Alternative Plant Common Nardoo
Marsilea drummondii
Aquatic Plants

This is a native, aquatic fern that prefers slow moving or still water. Fronds produce leaflets in the shape of four-leaf clovers and generally float on the water's surface. Attractive foliage and vigorous growth make Common Nardoo an excellent water feature.

Native Waterlily
Photo: Blue Lotus Farm
Alternative Plant Native Waterlily
Nymphaea violacea
Aquatic Plants

This floating-leaved, rhizomatous perennial herb grows best in full sun. Leaves are broadly egg-shaped to circular with a split at the base to the point of the stalk attachment. The flowers are borne on long stalks up to 30 cm above the water surface. They are 7–16 cm in diameter and violet, blue or white in colour.

Swamp Lily
Photo: Lorna Rose
Alternative Plant Swamp Lily
Crinum pedunculatum
Trees and Shrubs

This Australian native plan has rosettes of broad leaves and clusters of white, highly fragrant flowers on 1 m stems. Flowers appear from November to March. An extremely hardy specimen, it thrives in full-sun or dappled shade. It is mildly frost tolerant and can withstand poor drainage and clay soils.

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