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Pennisetum setaceum

Pennisetum setaceum
Photo: Macbird Floraprint
Invasive Plant
Pennisetum setaceum

Tall perennial grass forming tufts to 1m high. Arching leaves 20-30cm long, with thin leathery texture and prominent veins running lengthways. Flowers small, occur in pink or purple, bristly, upright spikes at the ends of bamboo-like canes. Fruit small and dry with long, showy bristles. Adapted to colonising after fires, displacing native plants and increasing fuel loads.



  • Mainly spread by humans, wind, animals and water.

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Alternative Plants

Common Tussock Grass
Photo: Macbird Floraprint
Alternative Plant Common Tussock Grass
Poa labillardieri

Forms a densely-tufted tussock about 1m tall with seed heads up to 1.2m high. Leaves vary from green, grey-green to blue-green. Flowers Oct-Feb and grows in moist to slightly dry soils. Grows quickly. Widely available in nurseries.

Note: There are other species of Poa available from indigenous nurseries.

Kingsdale Poa
Photo: Ozbreed
Alternative Plant Kingsdale Poa
Poa poiformis 'Kingsdale'

A clump forming perennial Kingsdale features attractive, fine, deep green, strap like leaves with arching blue foliage. Plants need little or no maintenance. Ideal for mass planting in garden beds and borders. They will, grow well in full sun to shaded positions, tolerate exposed and windy positions and are drought and frost tolerant. It will perform well in heavy clay or free draining soils. and very little care needed. Water occasionally and fertilize with slow release fertilizer to keep leaves deep blue colour.

Trim annually in Autumn or late Winter for peak performance.

Purple Fountain Grass
Photo: Colourwise Nursery
Alternative Plant Purple Fountain Grass
Pennisetum advena' Rubrum'

The exceptionally showy and popular, ornamental perennial grass grows in dense clumps of burgundy coloured foliage with arching purple-pink flower plumes in summer. As a striking colour accent in perennial beds, it performs good erosion control on embankments. Blooms prolifically during warm weather, with foxtail-like arching flower plumes displayed above the foliage. This sterile hybrid grows rapidly to form dense clumps up to 1.5m tall, spreading 1.2m across.

Please note: This is not the plant banned from sale in NSW.

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