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Polygala virgata / Polygala myrtifolia

Polygala virgata / Polygala myrtifolia
Invasive Plant
Polygala virgata / Polygala myrtifolia

Polygala myrtifolia and Polygata virgata are the two widely naturalised species of this group.

The flowers are mauve-purple, pea shape and fringed. Both are very invasive especially in coastal bush areas.

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Alternative Plants

Alternative Plant Dazzler
Polygala x dalmaisiana Dazzler
Trees and Shrubs

This sterile form of Polygala is an ideal alternative to the invasive species. A delightful compact small shrub grows 1.5m high by 1m wide with attractive purple pea flowers most of the year.

Photo: Lorna Rose
Alternative Plant Lasiandra
Tibouchina urvilleana 'Alstonville'
Trees and Shrubs

This evergreen 6m shrub with showy, purple flowers makes this an ideal specimen or privacy plant. Numerous other varieties offer variable flower colour and heights.

Mint bush
Photo: Macbird Floraprint
Alternative Plant Mint bush
Prostanthera species
Trees and Shrubs

These hardy Australian native upright bushy shrubs to 2m tall with aromatic foliage and have masses of purple flowers in spring. There are numerous varieties of mint bush. They are frost tolerant. Seek advice at your local garden centre for the best varieties for your garden.

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