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Taiwan lily

Taiwan lily
Photo: Lorna Rose
Invasive Plant
Taiwan lily
Lilium formosanum

This bulb from Taiwan has infiltrated bush, reserves, parks & verges of roads.

Formosa lily is an invasive bulb with reedy stems about 1m tall with mid-green leaves. The white flowers are streaked purple on the outside rib of the petals. These appear late spring/early summer followed by seed pods that release thousands of winged seeds.

This is not the florists lily. The trumpet shaped flowers are similar to but not the same as the cultivated garden bulb called the Christmas or November Lily (Lilium longiflorum).



  • The plant seeds readily, scattered by the long willowy stem as it moves easily on the breeze.
  • Seeds germinate readily and bublets also spread through soil and movement of water.

You can stop the spread of this plant by not transplanting bulbs or plants from the bush and by discouraging friends and neighbours from growing it in gardens.

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Alternative Plants

Day Lilies
Photo: Lorna Rose
Alternative Plant Day Lilies
Hemerocallis species and hybrids
Bulbous Plants

Day lilies are either evergreen or deciduous with generous clumps of strappy leaves and tall flower stems with double or single flowers. The flowers are showy and short lived in a wide colour range of cream, yellow, pink, orange and burgundy flowers. Early, mid or late flowering seasons.

November or Christmas lily
Photo: Lorna Rose
Alternative Plant November or Christmas lily
Lilium longiflorum
Bulbous Plants

This bulb plant will grow to 70cm tall. The trumpet shaped, white, sweetly scented flowers are excellent cut flowers.

This plant prefers moist soils and grows in part shade to full sun.

Can be successfully grown or purchased in flower, in pots.

Swamp Lily
Photo: Lorna Rose
Alternative Plant Swamp Lily
Crinum pedunculatum
Trees and Shrubs

This Australian native plant has rosettes of broad leaves and clusters of white, highly fragrant, flowers on 1m stems. Suits any soil, full sun or dappled shade and is mildly frost tolerant, it also grows well near ponds. Protect from wind in coastal gardens.

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