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Yellow or Mexican Waterlily

Yellow or Mexican Waterlily
Invasive Plant
Yellow or Mexican Waterlily
Nymphaea mexicana

This species is often traded due to its bright, attractive yellow flowers. It is an extremely invasive perennial herb that has the ability to entirely choke slow moving or still water bodies. It produces daughter plants at the ends of stolons that can become detached and float away to establish elsewhere. It is a major weed in SE QLD and in parts of NSW and its planting in any garden or water body should be strongly avoided due to its invasiveness and adaptability. This plant has undergone a weed risk assessment and has been recommended for a national ban.

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Alternative Plants

Native Waterlily
Photo: Blue Lotus Farm
Alternative Plant Native Waterlily
Nymphaea violacea
Aquatic Plants

A floating perennial herb growing from a rhizome in the mud of the pond base. Leaves are broadly egg-shaped to circular with a split at the base to the point of the stalk attachment. The flowers are borne on long stalks up to 30 cm above the water surface. They are 7-16 cm in diameter and violet, blue or white in colour.

Swamp lily
Photo: Fagg, M - ANBG
Alternative Plant Swamp lily
Ottelia ovalifolia
Aquatic Plants

and grows in slowly flowing fresh water or the still water of ponds, dams and lagoons. The Swamp Lily may form extensive colonies in nutrient-rich water. The open flowers are the most visible and are white with reddish or purple centres and emerge in the warmer months. Blooms appear regularly and last for less than a day.

Wavy Marshwort
Photo: Glenfield wholesale nursery
Alternative Plant Wavy Marshwort
Nymphoides crenata
Aquatic Plants

Slight bronzed-green waterlilylike leaves with heavily crenated edges and purplish-brown speckles. A robust native water plant with fringed yellow flowers.

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