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Invasive Plants

It has been very important to establish a set of consistent criteria which could be adhered to across all regions and states.

The Nursery & Garden Industry Associations, in consultation with their members, State and Local Governments and a wide range of interested stakeholders have developed a list of invasive garden plants for all states in Australia. There are several weed lists in existence provided by a variety of environmental and conservation organisations that often include species which are problems only in their local area. As such, including all garden escapes in a national list was considered inappropriate. Therefore, the criteria for inclusion in 'Grow Me Instead' as an invasive plant were determined as follows.

  1. The plant must be shown to be invasive across more than one area or part of the bioregion.
  2. It can be either an Australian native or imported (exotic) species.
  3. The plant must be shown to or have potential to damage the environment, human or animal health or create stock or crop losses.
  4. The plant must be proven to have naturalised in bushland to the detriment of the natural environment.

This 'Grow Me Instead' list is not definitive for each state or region of Australia. There may be other problem plants in your locality, most of these being included in lists prepared by your local government or other relevant organisations. In addition to the plants listed in 'Grow Me Instead', you should also be aware of your local problem plants.

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