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Cocos Palm

Cocos Palm
Photo: Macbird Floraprint
Invasive Plant
Cocos Palm
Syagrus romanzoffiana

This fast growing palm with smooth grey trunk can reach 20m in height. It has a crown of arching fronds with plume like dark green leaves. This palm does not 'self clean' and retains spent fronds against the trunk for many months. Flowers are inconspicuous however the fruit are bright orange-red and 25mm in diameter.



  • Birds, bats, rats and flying foxes are drawn to the attractive fruit and assist in seed dispersal.
  • Garden dumping is also responsible for the wider distribution of this plant.
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Other superior selections include;

  • Roystonea regia - Cuban Royal Palm
  • Livistona australis - Cabbage Tree Palm

Ask your local retailer for more superior selections


Alternative Plants

Bangalow Palm
Photo: Lorna Rose
Alternative Plant Bangalow Palm
Archontophoenix cunninghamiana
Trees and Shrubs

Tall slender and graceful palm growing to 15m. Large green fern like fronds emerge from the straight trunk. It has small shell pink to violet flowers in clusters followed by an abundance of red berries. Spent fronds are shed by this 'self cleaning' palm.

Foxtail Palm
Photo: Norwood
Alternative Plant Foxtail Palm
Wodyetia bifurcata
Trees and Shrubs

Spectacular palm from North Queensland and worldwide best seller. Large 2.5m long plumose fronds of dark green emerge from the slightly bottle shaped clean trunk. The fruit are reddish orange, plentiful and large (6cm). This is a self cleaning palm that sheds old foliage.

Ribbon Fan Palm
Photo: Norwood
Alternative Plant Ribbon Fan Palm
Livistona decipiens
Trees and Shrubs

This local palm has large divided fan shaped fronds that emerge from the apex of the slender brown trunk. It can reach up to 25m in height. Can be slower growing than other palms but make an excellent feature due to their distinctive foliage.

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