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Indian Sirus

Indian Sirus
Photo: Christopher Gardiner
Invasive Plant
Indian Sirus
Albizia lebbeck

Large spreading tree to 20m with bipinnate leaves and often a broad flat crown. In Spring the tree is covered with a spectacular cover of cream 'powder-puff' flowers which are followed by elongated and flattened papery pods that can hang on the tree for several months.



  • The seed is produced in large quantities and has a high rate of germination.
  • The seed is dispersed by wind and water.
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Other superior selections include;

  • Brachychiton discolor - Lace Bark
  • Flindersia collina - Leopard Ash

Ask your local retailer for more superior selections


Alternative Plants

Crepe Myrtle
Photo: immij floramedia
Alternative Plant Crepe Myrtle
Lagerstroemia indica
Trees and Shrubs

A small tree, perfect for suburban gardens or as a stunning street tree. In summer it produces vibrant red, pink, white or lilac flowers which have a texture like crepe fabric. The flowering period lasts for up to three months. The autumn leaves colour brilliantly and the tree also has beautiful bark.

Leopard Tree
Photo: Norwood Industries
Alternative Plant Leopard Tree
Caesalpinia ferrea
Trees and Shrubs

This is a beautiful tree growing to 12m in height. It has elegant limbs with dappled cream and grey bark forming an erect multi-stemmed trunk. The foliage is graceful and fern like, forming an umbrella shaped crown. It has yellow flowers borne on short erect spikes in late summer to autumn. Whilst sometimes considered evergreen, it can lose much of its foliage during winter.

White Bauhinia
Photo: Ann McHugh
Alternative Plant White Bauhinia
Lysiphyllum hookeri
Trees and Shrubs

Medium shrub to small growing tree, variable in height growing 5-8m. It has lobed Bauhinia type silvery grey leaves resembling butterflies. It loses most of the foliage just before beautiful white orchid like flowers appear in spring to summer.

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